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Echo Optimization and Supervision is committed to the support of Canada's oil industry and expansion of our company through quality service, the use of the most current and cutting edge tools and technology, and hard-earned experience.

Echo Optimization and Supervision provides exceptional and trustworthy service, leveraging the experience passed down through three generations of optimization technicians, to give our customers quality data and reporting, in a timely manner, with the guarantee of safety and competency on the worksite. 

Echo Optimization and Supervision: Oil Well Optimization Services… High Tech, Competitive, Experienced, and Safe.

Three Generations Of Well Optimization Experience

After years of working in the Alberta oil patch, Ray Oscar was trained by Dome Petroleum as a well optimization technician. In 1999 he and his wife, Linda, founded Echo Fluid Levels operating in Central Alberta. As a well optimization tech, Ray leveraged his field experience to expand Echo’s scope to include pipeline crossing supervision. Steve Oscar, a teacher, and Ray’s son was trained by Ray and would work in the summers for holiday relief. In 2009 Steve left teaching and started to work for Echo full time. Steve continues to manage Echo and his son, Lucas Oscar, is now a full-time technician.

Family values and this generational experience drive the mission for today’s Echo Optimization and Supervision. Our primary values are:

  • Quality service and top quality equipment and technology
  • Fostering a safe working environment
  • Building a team with strong character and undeniable ethics
  • Skilled and knowledgeable employees delivering excellent work at the most competitive rates
  • Fostering lasting relationships and establishing a reputation of excellence in the oil and gas community

Our Family For Your Family

Family is central to our business and that is why we consider our customers part of our family. Prompt, quality customer service is the trademark of Echo Optimization and Supervision.  Over two decades of knowledge and experience have been passed down enabling Echo to provide top-notch well optimization data collection and reporting. The Echo difference is what allows our clients to make trustworthy decisions to maximize production and reduce operating costs.

Why Choose Echo Optimization?

Our team is committed to providing the highest quality oil well optimization and pipeline crossing supervision services to each of our Oil & Gas clients across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Echo Optimization uses the newest technologies to provide accurate analysis and reporting at highly competitive rates to ensure maximum performance and worksite security.

Third Party Pipeline Crossing Supervision

Our highly-trained and certified crossing supervisors are experts in Ground Disturbance and have a comprehensive understanding of OH & S, Pipeline Regulations, and the Pipeline Act. We provide completion of required paperwork - crossing checklists - backfill inspections - as-built maps - photos and any other supervision services required. To protect your site during pipeline crossing, call 1-403-895-0373 or fill out our contact form now.

Echo: Quality Optimization Services At Competitive Rates

Echo Fluid Levels Ltd was established in February of 1999. The main focus of our company was oil well optimization and over the last few years we have expanded to become Echo Optimization and Supervision and now include other services relative to this field of work including dynamometers, annular fluid depression tests, acoustic build-ups, and surface casing vent testing.

We are committed to providing our oil and gas customers with:

  • Quick response times
  • Top-quality work with cutting edge tools and tech
  • Generational experience
  • Meticulous site safety and protocol/procedure knowledge

From first connection to project completion and follow-up, you can be assured that Echo Optimization and Supervision will deliver the highest calibre optimization and supervision services. We are proud to call the industry’s top energy companies our customers. We are also proud of our longstanding partnership with NR Tec to provide our clients with excellence in engineering services including:

  • Pressure Transient Analysis
  • Single Shot Pressure Calculations
  • Multi-Shot Pressure Calculations
  • Inflow Performance Relationship Calculations
  • Pump Intake Pressure Calculations
  • Dynamometer Analysis with Pumping System Design
  • PAS File Creation and Submission

What Our Clients Say

We value the relationships we build with our clients and aim to make every oil and gas client a customer for life. We promise service of the highest quality at industry-competitive rates. But you don’t have to take our word for it… Here is what our valued customers have to say about Echo Optimization and Supervision.

Oil Well Optimization Services

Echo Optimization has over 22 years of experience providing top-quality optimization services across Alberta and Saskatchewan. We provide skilled and knowledgeable analysis and reporting for: Fluid Levels • Annular Fluid Depression Tests • Surface Pressure Logging • Acoustic Build Up • Dynamometer • Surface Casing Vent Testing and more. Contact our expert field team at 1-403-895-0373 or fill out our contact form now.


Oil Well Optimization And Pipeline Crossing Supervision In Alberta And Saskatchewan

Echo Optimization and Supervision is built on a rich, generational history of providing excellence in optimization and supervision services to our clients across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our commitment to rapid response, accurate analysis and reporting, and competitive rates has helped us establish a roster of clients of the industry’s top players. Our reputation for excellence is built on these relationships and our base mission to support Canada's oil industry through quality service, the most current and cutting-edge tools, and technology, and experience. To find out more about our optimization and supervision services, contact our expert field team at 1-403-895-0373 or fill out our contact form now.

What To Expect

Over 22 years of service excellence and three generations of optimization technician experience give Echo Optimization and Supervision the edge in providing top-of-the-line field optimization services. Here is what you can expect when you choose Echo Optimization and Supervision.


1. Connect
1. Connect
2. Scope Of Work
2. Scope Of Work
3. Delivery
3. Delivery
4. Follow Up
4. Follow Up

For all well optimization services and any pipeline crossing supervision requirements, our customers can connect with us by calling 1-403-895-0373, filling out our contact form, or through our various social platforms. Our team can advise on services available and approximate start times.


Once the scope of work is determined, our team will provide a detailed and competitive estimate. We also offer existing customers fixed price lists to streamline the work order process and standardize budget flow.


Echo Optimization and Supervision makes it our goal to begin most projects within 48 hours of acceptance of estimates. Our typical response times are between 24 and 72 hours and our analysis and reports are conducted accurately and comprehensively.


We commit to competitive and competent service and follow up ensuring that you are satisfied with the service completed and that you will continue to choose Echo Optimization for all of your optimization services.


What We Do

Echo Optimization and Supervision is a leading provider of oil well optimization and pipeline crossing supervision services across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our field technicians are skilled, knowledgeable, and committed to providing the highest quality analysis and reporting at competitive rates. With our promise of rapid response times and our guarantee of safe and comprehensive field and engineering services, Echo Optimization and Supervision is the choice for oil well optimization services and pipeline crossing supervision.


The Echo Difference

The Echo Difference


Echo Optimization and Supervision provides the highest quality optimization analysis and reporting services across Alberta and Saskatchewan at super competitive rates. Our skilled and experienced technicians complete work quickly, competently, and on budget. To ensure your well performance is maximized and to protect your sites during third-party pipeline crossings, choose Echo Optimization and Supervision. Connect with our team by calling 1-403-895-0373 or by filling out our contact form.


Capable, Competitive, Experienced Optimization

Echo Optimization and Supervision is a rapidly growing optimization services company providing quality services at competitive rates to O & G companies across Alberta and Saskatchewan. For more information on our analysis and reporting services and our Pipeline Crossing Supervision, connect with our team by calling 1-403-895-0373 or filling out our contact form today.


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