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Reservoir Performance

The data acquired in Reservoir Performance analysis is vital to sustained operations and ROI. An investment in Reservoir Performance analysis can determine reservoir potential, mitigate financial risk, optimize recovery, and leverage profitability.

With over 22 years of experience in data collection services, Echo Optimization provides highly specialized teams performing detailed and knowledgeable performance analysis using the newest technologies, hardware, and software, to provide our clients with the measurements and reporting that is crucial to profitable operations.

Our teams of skilled field technicians and the industry’s top engineers collaborate to deliver top-quality optimization services across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Engineered Reporting: Reservoir Performance

Echo Optimization partners with an expert and competent team of NR Tec engineers to support our excellent data collection services with top-notch analysis and reporting by experienced engineers. 

Together we provide:

  • Annular Fluid Depression Test: includes calculations to determine an accurate producing pressure on a well using fluid level data and measured casing pressures.
  • Inflow Performance Relationship: includes a graph and tabular display with calculations of maximum production potential.
  • Static Pressure Calculations (SSBHP): includes surface pressure measurements, calculated subsurface pressure, gas & liquid column lengths and gradients.
  • Acoustic Pressure Survey (BU Test): includes calculated subsurface pressures, gas & liquid column lengths and gradients, and diagnostic plots (log-log, bottom hole pressure, casing pressure, and liquid level).  The report also includes a summary of the entire test.
  • Pressure Transient Analysis: includes Flow and buildup analyses (acoustic/surface/gauge data) using Fekete F.A.S.T. analysis software.  Drill Stem Test analysis, injection/falloff tests analysis, reservoir limit test, interference test analysis.

Third Party Pipeline Crossing Supervision

Our highly-trained and certified crossing supervisors are experts in Ground Disturbance and have a comprehensive understanding of OH & S, Pipeline Regulations, and the Pipeline Act. We provide completion of required paperwork - crossing checklists - backfill inspections - as-built maps - photos and any other supervision services required. To protect your site during pipeline crossing, call 1-403-895-0373 or fill out our contact form now.

What We Do

Echo Optimization and Supervision is a leading provider of oil well optimization and pipeline crossing supervision services across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our field technicians are skilled, knowledgeable, and committed to providing the highest quality analysis and reporting at competitive rates. With our promise of rapid response times and our guarantee of safe and comprehensive field and engineering services, Echo Optimization and Supervision is the choice for oil well optimization services and pipeline crossing supervision.


Reservoir Performance FAQs

We provide a data sheet that you can fill in to supply with us all the information we require.

Yes, we do. Connect with our team at 1-403-895-0373 or fill out our contact form to access our library of sample reports.

  • Annular Fluid Depression Test
  • Inflow Performance Relationship
  • Static Pressure Calculations (SSBHP)
  • Acoustic Pressure Survey (BU Test)
  • Pressure Transient Analysis

The Echo Difference

The Echo Difference


Echo Optimization and Supervision provides the highest quality optimization analysis and reporting services across Alberta and Saskatchewan at super competitive rates. Our skilled and experienced technicians complete work quickly, competently, and on budget. To ensure your well performance is maximized and to protect your sites during third-party pipeline crossings, choose Echo Optimization and Supervision. Connect with our team by calling 1-403-895-0373 or by filling out our contact form.


Capable, Competitive, Experienced Optimization

Echo Optimization and Supervision is a rapidly growing optimization services company providing quality services at competitive rates to O & G companies across Alberta and Saskatchewan. For more information on our analysis and reporting services and our Pipeline Crossing Supervision, connect with our team by calling 1-403-895-0373 or filling out our contact form today.


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